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Speed City Begins R&D Project For Next Generation Star Racer Supercharger Belts

September 25th, 2015

Madison, IL – The NHRA will take the stage this weekend for the AAA Insurance Midwest Nationals in Madison, IL and the Speed City Nitro Funny Car Team lead by team manger and driver, John Bojec will be at the center of it all. Beginning research and development testing for Japanese company, Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd the Speed City Nitro Funny Car will under go rigorous testing of the companies 2nd generation supercharger belts for their highly popular brand, Star Racer.

In what’s set to be an action packed weekend, Speed City will host members and engineers from Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.’s USA branch; MBL USA. Looking to gain further ground in the supercharger belt market, MBL USA engineers will be at the forefront of the teams operations as they look to gain further technical data in expanding their efforts to provide a stronger and more reliable product than any other currently available on the market.

This is the second time that MBL USA and Speed City have partnered for R&D purposes. Kicking off last season at the NHRA Nationals in Reading, PA and covering a total of three NHRA events in the 2014 season, the Speed City Nitro Funny Car was the tooling needed to complete successful testing of the Star Racer Supercharger Belts under race conditions prior to its official market release at the 2014 PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN.

After last season’s success field testing the Star Racer brand, both Speed City and MBL USA members will once again look to establish the products vitality on the race track. Set to compete at this weekend’s event at Gateway Motorsports Park the Speed City team will continue on to the NHRA Nationals in Reading, PA October 3-5 to continue further R&D for MBL USA. The team will also be conducting private testing outside these two events in an effort to provide MBL USA engineers the opportunity to gain further technical data of their new generation supercharger belts.

The success of the Star Racer brand can be contributed to Mitsuboshi’s dedication to the product’s superior quality and innovation. Proving its worth on 8000hp nitro funny car will go a long way in strengthening the brands message yet it will be no easy task for either company at this weekends event as they under go the scrutiny and hard knocks that can be NHRA drag racing; a proving ground that has defied so many products and brands over the years.

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