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Moving On Moving Up! 

Just two short years ago if you had of told, then NHRA Top Alcohol Drivers, John Bojec and Diana Harker, that a Nitro Funny Car was in their future you would have heard them laugh and reply ‘in our wildest dreams’.

As the age old saying goes ‘dreams can come true’ and with determination and hard work John and Diana have achieved their ultimate goal of competing in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. Going up against the hard hitters of the sport is no easy task especially when you are starting out with a new company and team that is faceted around the racing industry. The team’s title sponsor, Speed City, owned by Diana, is a performance parts retailer and service provider specializing in blown alcohol and nitro applications. Speed City sells new and used parts and offers services to many of the fastest teams in the NHRA, IHRA, PDRA, FIA, ANDRA and NTPA to name a few. For John and Diana, Speed City has been a successful measure for them as a way to continue their involvement in the sport as a full time profession. John and Diana bring not only their extensive experience and knowledge of racing to the forefront of Speed City but also their families, yielding a powerhouse company that has global coverage in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Further support for the team’s efforts to step up to the nitro category has come from Japanese OEM belt manufacture, Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. Over the past seven months, John and Diana have played host to Mitsuboshi’s USA entity, MBL USA, as part of an educational journey to learn about the many attributes of motor racing and in particular supercharged vehicles. Guiding engineers from MBL USA, John and Diana have been able to open the doors to many of the sports top alcohol and pro mod teams here in the USA and abroad as part of a research and development program for collecting data and technical knowledge.

“Both Diana and I are truly grateful to all the teams who have participated in the test program. Every team we have worked with has been incredibly helpful and influential in assisting MBL USA. There’s nothing like the true sportsmanship of racers to show your guests that you are working in the best industry on the planet.” Said Bojec.

MBL USA’s need to switch gears from 3000hp to 10,000hp came with a critical decision to obtain further research and development strictly as part of an in-house program. John and Diana were able to provide their Speed City Nitro Funny Car for the project. Hiring championship-winning crew chief, Johnny West and placing Bojec behind the wheel has proved to be a promising combination in the team’s pursuit for product data. The team’s commitment to a three race schedule that focuses on run data rather than round wins is a true acknowledgement to Bojec and Harker’s passion for racing and future developments within the sport.

“We have seen first hand the positive impact of MBL products for the alcohol and pro mod teams and as we continue throughout this research and development process in the nitro class its exciting to know we are working with a company who may just have a product and program to reshape our sport.” Said Harker.

With a shortage of product alternatives available there is a need for emphasis on new product manufactures to enter the realm of supercharged racing, Mitsuboshi Belting’s commitment to learn and develop a new product for motor racing is proving to be a breath of fresh air. As Speed City and MBL USA progress in their research and development goals it’s invigorating to think that we may soon have a new powerhouse product available in the racing marketplace.

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