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Thursday, April 30 2015

Much excitement surrounded the 2014 launch of the Star Racer™ Supercharger Belt at the PRI Show in Indianapolis, IN and no other category was anticipating the release more than those who compete in the ultra competitive Pro Mod class and particularly the PDRA.

Aside from the 10,000hp nitro burning Top Fuel Funny Cars and Dragster, the Pro Mod classes and certainly the teams competing in 1/8mile competition face some of the hardest and costliest challenges when it comes to blower belt longevity.

When the 2015 season kicked off this year, the folks at Speed City and Mitsuboshi were eager to debut the new Star Racer™ supercharger belt at PDRA’s first event in Dallas, TX. With support from Star Racer™ PDRA dealer Wesley Jones, many of the teams competing that weekend were running the new product and would continue to do so through next three events.

“1/8 mile Pro Mod cars are some of the hardest users of blower belts. Most teams will only get an average of 3 runs per belt and some of the hard running teams will put a new belt on every run. C Rotor 2-steps are aggressive and a tremendous amount of ratcheting occurs when the driver leaves on the two-step that can be detrimental to the life of the belt.” Said Speed City Vice President, John Bojec.

Throughout the 2014 season, Speed City and Mitsuboshi held extensive field-testing on the Star Racer™ supercharger belt prior to its launch, yet entering the 2015 season in the PDRA has lead to mixed results for several teams.

“We understand that each team is unique and that every race car is not setup the same. We believe in Star Racer™ and Mitsuboshi and have seen first hand the success the belt can bring. To ensure the progression of the product, our PDRA dealer, Wesley Jones and myself are open to receiving any constructive feedback from teams about their experience, be good or bad with using the product. Mitsuboshi is determined to make a solid product and is here for the long run with a goal to establish a superior product for the motorsports industry.” Said Bojec

Teams are encouraged to contact Speed City or PDRA Star Racer™ dealer, Wesley Jones with any constructive feedback, questions or concerns. Speed City is also in the process of developing a program, that moving forward they hope will continue to build customer relationships and loyalty with the Star Racer™ supercharger belt.

"Gates racing belts weren't built in day and for a lot of years teams had to surfice with the issue presented to them as it was their only option. Today, Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd is committed to working with teams to provide racers another proven choice when it comes to choosing their blower belts. And unlike other brands we've seen come and go in this market, Mitsuboshi is here to stay and open to working with teams to gain first hand industry knowledge for what racers expect from their belts." Said Bojec

If you are interested in giving feedback or questions realting to the Star Racer™ supercharger belts please contact:

John Bojec at Speed City:

Wesley Jones:

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