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Tuesday, February 05 2013

Racing oil mogul, CAM2 are expanding their efforts to re-vigor and grow their Blue Blood Racing Oils brand by partnering with national performance company, Speed City.

Based out of Eastlake Ohio, Speed City is a specialty performance products and parts company providing sales and service for street to strip applications. Taking on the complete racing line-up of CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils, Synthetic Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids, Speed City is now the lead sales provider for all race teams, engine builders, parts stores and retail customers looking to buy CAM2 Racing Oils. Customers can expect great service and exceptional pricing from Speed City who will setup buyers looking for warehousing/distribution, jobber, racer and retail pricing. 

CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Motor Oil continues to lead the way as a nationally recognized brand of value priced premium quality racing oil. For over 30 plus years CAM2 has provided racers and performance enthusiasts with superior quality products and now looks to Speed City for continued development of product awareness within the motorsports industry. Speed City Owner John Bojec and long time user of CAM2 Racing Oils in his own race vehicles, has been devoted to the brands exceptional quality, performance stamina and great value. As a long time endorser of the CAM2 brand, Bojec is adamant of the brands grow not only within the USA but also worldwide.

“The racing oil industry alone continues to be one of the most competitive markets that we see in motorsports today. There are so many available brands to the consumer it can feel exhausting for the buyer. CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oils are a proven product with a racing heritage to attest it. The superior make-up of CAM2 Racing Oils alone screams value for the price of using quality oil to protect your racing investment. I personally know both on paper and on track the unbeatable quality of CAM2 Products and it won’t be long before we see the growth of this reputable brand to overseas markets.” Said Bojec

Speed City offers customers the option to purchase Blue Blood products at retail pricing through their online store with discounts for multiple quantities or simply by calling their Ohio office and speaking to a sales representative about quantity and pricing to meet their needs. Backed by CAM2 Racing Oils, Speed City expects to see steady sales growth for the CAM2 Racing Oil brand and why not it’s a popular brand with a superior quality for a great value.

Buyers and interested parties can gain further information about purchasing CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Motor Oils by contacting Speed City either through their website or calling (440) 975-1969. 

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