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Alan Johnson Billet Engine Blocks

4.187 Bore/2.750 Mains/1.0625 Lifter Bore

Standard Deck/Raised Cam

Tool Steel Main Studs

All low run blocks

Block #1378

Ready to run, just serviced with new main cap. 1.5 avg deck height (no sleeves)

(Block may have saddles) $3500.00

Block #1382

Ready to run, -2 deck height/with sleeves. $4000.00

Block #1388

Ready to run -3 deck height/with sleeves.  $4000.00

Block #1383

Needs Repaired (2 Rods out) will need at least one main cap. -1 Deck Height. $2000.00

Alan Johnson Stage 5 Fuel Heads

2.450 intake valves (45deg) 1.925 Exhaust valves (55 deg)

190CC Chambers/ Manley 221457 Springs, JT Stewart split locks, Victory TI Retainers.

Set 1

Completely assembled and ready to run, fully serviced. $3500.00

 Set 2

Completely assembled and ready to run, fully serviced. $3500.00

Set 3

Completely assembled and ready to run, fully serviced. $3500.00

Set 4

Bare Billets, just serviced at BAE. Various Seats and Guides (not run since serviced) $850.00

Set 5

Bare Billets, just serviced at BAE. Various Seats and Guides (not run since serviced) $850.00

*** Heads have only been CNC repaired

Spare Head Parts

(2) Complete sets of Manley 221457 Valve Springs $400.00

(23) Victory Intake Valves 2.450 measured and serviced $1265.00

(16) Manley 11992B Intakes Valves (new) $1440.00

(62) Manley Exhaust Valves 1.925 (used) serviced/measured and ready to run. $1550.00

(28) Manley 11867 exhaust valves (new) Measured.$1680.00

(2) Fuel Rail Assemblies Complete for installation. $900.00

(2 sets) 1.0625 Lifters SCP tool steel, DLC coated bodies (new) $2800.00

(2 sets) Crane 1.0625 Lifers (used) $500.00

Super Chargers

(2) AJ/PSI Billet 14-71 super chargers very good blowers, formerly Kalitta owned. $9500.00ea.

(1) AJ/PSI Billet 14-71 super charger OK blower. $7500.00


6.996/6.981 GRP Rods   JE 1.712 comp height pistons.  Johnny West wrist Pins.

(4) Ready to runs Rack assemblies, 1-2 runs on Rods, 2-6 on Pistons. All serviced and documented. Most have new rings. $7600.00

(12) New GRP Rods 6.996 long $1800.00

(4) New Grp Rods 6.981 long $600.00

(12) Used Rods 3-6 Runs $600.00

(10) JE 1.712 CH used serviced pistons $250.00

(2) Sets Hedman Headers $1600.00

(1) Dodge Charger Fuel Body, Race ready. $8500.00

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Wesco Fabrication
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This is the "brain" of the Power Grid System - designed for use with the 7720 ignition controller, but compatible with many of our other popular ignition boxes. Requires a Windows-based laptop for configuration. Now available in black!
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Race Pak Down Load Cartridge

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