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A Performance Powerhouse!
Established in 2012, Speed City has steadily become one of Ohio's top performance parts and service companies embodying a national vendor network and a global customer base spanning multiple forms of racing and street performance applications. 
Speed City began it's infancy in the drag racing arena selling certified pre-owned parts, race cars and support vehicles and has since grown to include performance parts sales, engine services, chassis and body fabrication for customers owning drag racing vehicles, sprint cars, light models, tractor pulls, 4x4 trucks, hot rods, muscle cars, high-performance street and motorcycles.
Standing apart from industry competition has come naturally for the team at Speed City, embodying a business model that goes beyond just selling parts. Ensuring their customers not only receive the rights part but that they are getting the right industry knowledge and experienced support to handle each and every project. Combined of over 30 years of racing and street performance hands on experience, the team at Speed City are confident you will feel confident working with them to establish your racing and performance goals.


Show The Finish Line Who's Boss. 


Performance Parts Resource Specialists

Speed City’s new direction is to be your one stop for performance parts.  Our mission is to recommend the correct parts for your application that meet your performance needs.  We know you are busy and do not always have the time or possibly the detailed knowledge about the parts you need.  Our specialists are racers, fabricators, engine builders and installation experts putting them in a great position to help you.  Not only will we recommend the right parts, we will get you the best possible pricing.  If you need installation, fabrication or engine work, we are here for you with our full-service shop!
Speed City is taking the small town speed shop to the national level by offering personal service.  We want you to get the right parts and are positioned to help by doing the research, evaluating options and presenting you with the best solution.  As our President said while we were developing this campaign “The Internet is easy, but is not always accurate”.  You could buy your parts from one of the big retailers, but are you getting the right part?  Many times the photo of the part claims to be a representative image but seeing what the actual part looks like may be critical to your application.  A good example where many buyers need help is with carburetor selection.  Bigger is not always better.  The Internet buyer can log on to our competitors websites and choose any brand and any size carburetor, none of which will guide you to the correct selection for your project.  Why would you proceed blindly when expert help is available supplemented with the best possible pricing?  Call or email us with your application and tell us your performance goals so we can help.
At the end of the day, we want you to be completely satisfied knowing that you bought the right part at the best price and had a great buying experience.  The reason we can get you the best pricing is that you are our Marketing department.  We want our customers to tell their friends about us and if you are a racer, proudly display the Speed City decals on your vehicles.
Call or email one of the Performance Parts Resource Specialists at Speed City today.
Phone numbers: Toll Free 844-649-5865, Local 440-975-1969

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Speed City is transitioning into a member based parts network. As a member you will be able to purchase your parts and equipment at dealer cost and in most instances at WD. There are also many benefits that will afford members additional savings for service and other purchasing options.

Stay Tuned and watch for your invatation to join. Keep in mind this program is only for members that qualify and meet the criteria.

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